Simplify Urgent Care

It's been well documented that since the pandemic began, the average number of patients who visited Urgent Care clinics had remained higher than pre-Covid levels. With additional pressure during holiday periods, most Urgent Care take on overflow from general practices. From our research, nearly all still operate on an archaic patient identification process that is paper based.

HPS has taken the initiative to develop a module that is patient user friendly especially since most patients that visit an urgent care clinic are experiencing a lot of pain and stress. Eliminating patients having to queue up to visit the receptionist to take a form and then to queue up again to return the forms, was an essential task for our team.

Automating this process will be a huge driver for Urgent Care clinics’ management to be more sustainable by reducing paper wastage, consequently reducing printing costs. And most importantly, reducing the stress level and human error for admin staff.

IntelliMed Workflow

The following workflow will be implemented in an Urgent Care based in Auckland

  • Triage with three quick questions
  • IntelliMed identifies the patient from clinic database with four key components
  • IntelliMed Casual form registration
  • IntelliMed ACC45 form


IntelliMed Forms Automation for Casual and ACC45

Patients will need to complete a Casual form then an ACC45 form for a new injury.

All the forms contain ‘smarts’ designed to make it easy for the patient to complete the form and to ensure that errors are minimized and less admin intervention.

If the ACC injury is work-related, compulsory fields will drop down for the patient to complete the employer details section of the form. The body selector will assist the patient giving the physician an insight into the area of concern.

The ACC45 form will then be parked, freeing up physician time asking the patient for information and giving more time for diagnosis & patient interaction.

Mobile devices accessible

The IntelliMed Urgent Care module allows patients to access the forms freely from the moment they are at the clinic. By prompting the patient with clear signage, patients can then remove the necessity to queue up for paper forms. Also by using their own mobile devices, there will be no cross-contamination from writing materials.

We understand not every patient will have access to their own mobile devices so this same module could also integrate with our IntelliMed kiosk. A large 22’ viewing platform, allows patients with sight impairment to correctly enter their details into the relevant fields.