IntelliMed Appointment Booking

User-Friendly Navigation

Our simple navigation allows patients to easily browse and select from a range of dates and appointment times

1. Identify yourself

2. Select a date

3. Select a time

4. Make payment & confirm booking

Avoid Peak Overflow

GP clinics are often bombarded with calls for appointments accumulated from the night before, as soon as phone lines open in the morning.

IntelliMed Appointment Booking avoids these surges in activity, by allowing patients to make these appointments outside of your practice’s operating hours.

This also recovers appointment bookings, that would otherwise be dropped or missed during call surges.

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Ultimate Flexibility

IntelliMed Appointment Booking allows patients to book appointments any time, day or night through our online booking portal

Payment Processing

With built-in payment processing capabilities, patients can book and pay for their appointment all in one place

Priority Scheduling

We recognise that not all appointments made are equal, and that booking urgent appointments carries a premium. IntelliMed Appointment Booking allows your clinic to adapt to this, and price urgent appointments accordingly, automatically.

Time-Sensitive Pricing

Additionally, some appointment times such as early morning or lunchtime consultations are generally more competitive than others. IntelliMed Appointment Booking again can take this into account when pricing these high-demand appointment times.