IntelliMed EzyScan

EzyScan significantly shortens the multi-stepped task of filing medical correspondence straight into patient and/or provider inboxes in your PMS (such as MedTech). This task is time-consuming, error-prone and repetitive. Our research showed that the labour cost of filing a single average piece of correspondence is $3.15.

EzyScan reduces this task into one single step and reduces manual labour by up to 85%!

EzyScan – scan and file in one single step!

Simply scan all correspondence in the normal way using your existing equipment and your job is completed!

In the background, EzyScan automatically does the following:

  • Regularly checks the EzyScan folder for new correspondence.
  • Converts Scanned PDFs into readable text.
  • Reads the text to identify the patient NHI.
  • Finally, it files the document into the correct Patient and/or Provider inbox.
ezyscan printer v2

If EzyScan detects any information which it is not 100% sure of (e.g., unclear or missing NHI number, etc), it redirects it to the Management Portal for quick and easy resolution by humans.

In tests conducted on actual correspondence, EzyScan’s rate of accuracy in reading the NHI number of the patient was >99%. (This excludes correspondence that does not contain any NHI number.)

EzyScan presently works with MedTech 32, Evolution, and Indici. If you are running another PMS package and wish to use EzyScan to work with it, please contact us to discuss.

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